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Served with a basket of Pitta Bread

Mediterranean dips £9.90
A small selection Tzatziki, Houmous, Taramosalata and Tirokafteri
Yamas dips £9.90
A small selection Tzatziki, Houmous, Tabbouleh and Patzarosalata
Cheese & Meat Platter £9.95
A selection of cold cheese's and meats
Spanish Meat Platter £9.95
A selection of cold Spanish meats


Marinated Mixed Olives [GF][V] £3.10
Green Olive Tapenade [GF][V] £3.40
Tabbouleh [V] £3.40
A Fresh Couscous Salad
Tzatziki [GF] £3.50
The classic Greek dip. Yoghurt, cucumber, garlic and mint
Taramosalata £3.50
Smoked Cod Roe Dip with Lemon
Houmous [GF][V] £3.50
A Chick Pea Dip Blended with Garlic and Lemon
Tirokafteri £3.60
A spicy cheese dip made from cream cheese, feta cheese and chili
Patzarosalata [GF] £3.60
Diced beetroot with yoghurt and garlic
Dolmades [GF] £5.25
Seasoned Lamb Minced Meat and Rice, Wrapped in Vine Leaves
Halloumi and Lounza [GF] £5.95
Grilled Halloumi Cheese with Smoked Pork Loin
Halloumi Saganaki £4.95
Fried Halloumi Cheese
Feta a la Forno [GF] £4.50
Baked Greek Feta Cheese, with peppers, oregano and olive oil


Sea Bream [GF] £8.25
Fresh pan fried Sea Bream with Aioli
Salmones Con Salsa de Crema [GF] £7.70
Pieces of Salmon with prawns cooked in tomato sauce
Octopus [GF] £7.15
Cooked Octopus in a Fresh Tomato Sauce
Gambas Al Ajillo [GF] £7.25
Garlic Prawns with Lemon and Herbs
Kalamari £7.55
Deep Fried fresh Squid with Alioli
Monkfish [GF] £8.45
Wrapped in Pancetta
Marides Tiganites £4.95
Fried Breaded Whitebait with Aioli
Risotto de Mere [GF] £6.95
Rissotto with crab and garlic


Greek Salad [GF] £5.25
Mixed Leaf, Tomatoes, Cucumber, Onions, Feta and Olives
Village salad [GF] £4.95
Tomatoes, Cucumber, Corriander, Onions and Feta
Lahanosalata [GF] [V] £4.60
Grated cabbage and carrots dressed with olive oil and lemon juice
Tomato, Onion and Feta Salad [GF] £4.60


Kotopoulo me Revifi [GF]  £5.95
Chicken pieces cooked with chick peas and harrissa
Soutzoukakia £5.50
Pork and beef meatballs cooked in a tomato sauce 
Stifado [GF] £6.25
Traditional Beef Casserole Cooked with Onions, Wine Vinegar,
Tomato and Cinnamon
Chorizo en Sidra [GF] £4.95
A classic Spanish dish, the balance of the meaty chorizo
and tangy cider is a wonderful combination!
Solomillo Marinado [GF]  £8.95
Marinated skewers of Sirloin Steak 
Spetzofai [GF]
Chorizo Sausage with Peppers in a Spicy Tomato Salsa

Rice pasta with beef mince and tomatoes, topped with melted cheese

Lamb Tagine [GF]
Tender pieces of lamb cooked in spices with apricots and raisins
Kleftico [GF]
Succulent Lamb shank, slowly cooked until tender

From the BBQ

These dishes just take that little more time to be cooked

Tender marinated pieces of meat. Served with Tzatziki:
Chicken Souvlaki [GF]
Pork Souvlaki [GF]
Lamb Souvlaki [GF]
Loukanika [GF] £5.95
Grilled Greek Pork sausage
Paidakia [GF] £7.95
Grilled Lamb CHops

Vegetarian Dishes

Moussaka £8.25
Layers of Potatoes, Peppers, Zucchini and Aubergines Topped with Béchamel Sauce
Spanakopitta £4.45
Feta Cheese and Spinach Wrapped in Filo Pastry
Stuffed Mushroom [Gf £4.90
Mushrooms Stuffed with Halloumi Cheese and Herbs
Patatas Bravas [GF] [ V] £4.95
Fried Potatoes in a Spicy Tomato Salsa

Aubergines & Zucchini


Fried in flour and served with Alioli
Risotto ai Funghi £5.95
Risotto with a selection ofMushrooms
Champinones al Ajillo [GF £4.95
Sauteed mushrooms with lemon and garlic
Mediterranean Bake [GF] £5.45
Peppers, onions, courgettes cooked in a tomato sauce topped with feta
Gigantes [GF][V] £4.45
Baked Giant Beans in Tomato Sauce
Falafels £4.95
Fried chick-peas and herbs with a side of Houmous
Okra [GF][V] £4.65
Soft young Okra's cooked in tomatoes and herbs

Side Dishes

Pourgouri [V] £2.75
Cracked Wheat, Traditionally Cooked with Onion and Tomato
Arroz Limon [GF][V] £2.95
Lemon rice
Coriander Potatoes [GF] £3.75
Patates Tiganites [GF][V] £2.95
Fried Chips
Potato Dauphinoise [G]
Sliced potatoes cooked with cream and cheese
Alioli [GF] £1.30
Garlic Mayonase
Salsa de Chilies [GF][V] £1.30
Chilli Sauce
Pitta Bread (2 )[V] £1.80
Gluten Free Pitta Bread (2) [V] [GF] £2.40
Greek Flat Bread (2) [V] £2.55

[V] - Suitable for vegans
[GF] - Gluten free. The ingredients does not contain gluten, however all the food is prepated in a kitchen where gluten is present
For Allergens please see ‘Allergy Advise’ sheet

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