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We have joined #OpenKitchens - providing free meals to the vulnerable during the COVID-19 outbreak

We are incredibly proud to have made the pledge to #FeedThoseInNeed in our local community during the COVID-19 outbreak - donating 2,500 meals every week as part of the Open Kitchens initiative!

To do so, we need donations! Find our JustGiving page here.

Open Kitchens is a not-for-profit on a mission to safeguard the vulnerable, by working with restaurants like ours and the local community, to produce and distribute nutritious meals to those who need it!

Basically, we cook 500 meals every day, which are delivered safely in bulk by brave volunteers to those who need them (via contact-free delivery of course). At the other end, people can choose to freeze these dishes, so they have a supply of meals to keep them going - critical at a time when vulnerable people are being asked to isolate completely, and are running the risk of being exposed to a dangerous virus just to go to the shops.

So far, we've already done some incredible things - donating 650 free meals to the local YMCA and a further 200 meals for the staff, teachers and students at The Nottingham Academy Greenwood site.

But we can't do this for long... We need your help to continue to feed the elderly, the vulnerable and brave NHS staff in our Nottingham community.

Please donate - whatever you can give will help us on our mission to feed those who need it.

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